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*Just A Place*

Take a moment to reflect on your life.............. Defeat comes from looking back. Distraction comes from looking around. Discouragement comes from looking down. Deliverance comes from looking up. Nothing you have done has been a waste of time. Don't measure your success by what others have accomplished. Look over your shoulder and realize how far you have come. Your endurance, integrity, faith, love and willingness to grow, is what makes you successful. Even though you have come close to the edge of giving up and believing that you are not enough, you are still here. Never discount yourself. Stand in your glory and exercise your spiritual authority over anything or anyone that tries to distract, diminish or anger you. You have your role and assignment. You are significant. You are making a difference. You are a conqueror. You are phenomenal.

twnkhart.gifYou Are Loved. twnkhart.gif



ŠJust A Place